Alumni Stories

Grad Group 2

SRJC alumni are your dental hygienists, police officers, bank tellers, car mechanics, lawyers, administrative assistants, World Series baseball superstars and Emmy award winners.

Everywhere you go in your community, and beyond, you interact with a graduate from SRJC. Whether they have taken one class, completed a degree or transferred, SRJC alumni speak highly of their experiences at SRJC. Read more about how SRJC alumni have taken their education and career training to new levels. 

  • Max Scoville - Video Host and Podcaster, IGN
    "I’m a big proponent for community college. I was able to try different things at SRJC and develop a range of skills that I later used in my career."

  • Marissa Walsh - Team Lead, Legal Investigations for Google, Inc. 
    "“SRJC was a great resource for me to push myself and prepare academically to transfer to a four year university.” 

  • Doug Hofmann - Principal Investigator of the Materials Development and Manufacturing Technology Group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    "The first two years at SRJC are better than people realize and you are far more prepared to succeed as a transfer student."
  • Linda Dada - DFM Engineer, Keysight Technologies
    "Keysight is an excellent fit for me. The company is very much in line with their values and I love working here. I wouldn’t have realized Keysight had different types of engineering roles if I hadn’t been exposed to the company through MESA.”

  • Dusty Bishop - Programmer, Sonic
    "The classes at SRJC were more challenging. Once I started at SRJC, I realized it was much harder than any of the UC’s. The classes I eventually took at UCSB were actually easier than those I completed at SRJC.”
  • Craig Belon2nd year Anesthesiology Resident, Columbia University Medical Center
    "As someone that has been through the entire educational system from low to high, and now I even have several teaching roles myself, I commend the SRJC faculty for being truly outstanding."
  • Nick Papadopoulous - Co-Founder, CropMobster
    Nick is working to solve a multi-billion dollar problem - food waste - and was recently featured in TIME Magazine.
  • Larry Brown - Sacramento Superior Court Judge
    "I speak at many high school student assemblies in Sacramento and almost without fail, extol the virtues of community college education for those who may not have the finances to go to a four-year university or who may not otherwise be ready to move away from home."
  • Frank Kobayash -  Dean, Career Education and Workforce Development,  West Valley College
    “SRJC is a close knit community and students are able to develop relationships with faculty through one-on-one time. This experience as a student helped me form deep relationships with various faculty over the years in my educational and career pursuits.”
  • Ed Kinney - Retired, Director, Department of Homeland Security, US Government
    "SRJC provided me with the confidence and desire for bigger very important to life’s experience and success."
  • Pat Gage - Founder, Engage Organics
    “Now more than ever, people can’t afford to go to a four year university, but they can get everything they need at SRJC and use it as a springboard for life.”
  • Dr. Robert Schneider - Veterinarian
    Dr. Schneider credits the instructors at SRJC for their hands-on instruction, passion for teaching and the ability for them to impress upon him how hard he needed to work in order to achieve his goals. 
  • Colleen Finnegan Chief of Kaiser's HIV Department (2014 Commencement Speaker)
    When I look back at my training, I think about how SRJC not only taught me the basic sciences so comprehensively, but SRJC gave me the skills to learn how to learn, to be a curious person, to excel in my studies, and to pay it forward with regard to teaching the generations after me. I am so grateful to this community college."  
  • Sofia Petridis-Lim - Restauranteur 
    “I’ve always wanted to run my own restaurant and when I couldn’t find a job in healthcare, I knew it was time to materialize my dream so I registered at the JC in the Culinary Arts program”. 
  • Trale Broudy - Dental Hygienst 
    At SRJC, Trale was offered the opportunity to engage with his professors, work with them on his educational program and secure help from them when he had questions on content.
  • Julia Park Tracey - Author
    Julia credits her three-semester training on the SRJC Oak Leaf staff with immersion in traditional journalism practices, and that experience launched her career as an award-winning writer, editor, publisher and activist.
  • Jill Osborne - Researcher & Activist
    "From history to English, art to fitness, my SRJC education was excellent. I have very fond memories of those years and am thankful to every teacher who helped me along the way."