SRJC Alumni Center

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The on-campus home for Santa Rosa Junior College alumni and friends is now open.

The SRJC Alumni Center offers a warm welcome and a place for SRJC alumni and friends to gather. By designating a space for use by SRJC alumni, the SRJC Alumni & Friends Association hopes to inspire and host a range of alumni-focused activities and events, offering public meeting rooms, private and semi-private office space, comfortable furniture, free WiFi and other amenities dedicated to use by our graduates. SRJC Alumni & Friends Association staff will be present during business hours to answer questions and assist visitors.

The Alumni Center will also be available for use by alumni and community members involved in the SRJC Mentoring Program and provide an accessible place for mentors to meet with their student mentees.

Alumni are encouraged to drop by any weekday between 8 am-5 pm to use the facility, browse old yearbooks, catch up with classmates or reconnect with the College. (Closed Fridays in June and July.) If you would like to reserve the conference room or private office, you may contact Sarah Laggos at 707-527-4733 or to make your reservation. 

The Alumni Center is located at 1990 Armory Drive, Santa Rosa (corner of Armory & Elliot) with free, easy access visitor parking.

Drop-in Career Advising Sessions

Looking for job search assistance, resume reviews, interviewing practice or other career help? Stop by during one of the free drop-in career counseling sessions to meet with a career adviser. 

  • First Monday of each month from 11:30-1:30 pm

Upcoming Events & Activities in the Alumni Center (free) - RSVP for an event here

  • Using LinkedIn to Develop Your Career (Tuesday, January 28th from 5:30-7 pm)
    With 500+ million LinkedIn members, research shows that more than 92% of companies vet you on LinkedIn before responding to your resume. SRJC Job Developer Kim Kinahan will help you setup and optimize your LinkedIn profile to begin building your network and get your LinkedIn profile noticed. Attendees will also have an opportunity to take a free professional headshot to add to their profile.  

  • Harnessing the Happiness Hormone (Wednesday, February 26th from 5:30-7:30 pm OR Thursday, February 27th from 3pm-5pm)
    Each person acts and reacts to events, situations and the people in their lives differently. Underneath those actions and reactions are the myriad of hormones our bodies make to keep us fully functioning. Certain hormones, like our happiness and stress hormones, play a huge part in how we perceive interactions; whether we laugh or cry, shake things off or get angry. Sometimes our hormone levels respond faster than our consciousness and we find ourselves in a loop of engagement, especially when trauma is present. Join Nick Lawrence as he links the information of the 5 Languages of Love by Gary Chapman and how being loved in our dominant languages of love impact the production, maintenance and effectiveness of our hormones, therefore increasing our ability to experience joy under difficult as well as happy circumstances.

  • Your Speaking Objective is to be Effective (Tuesday, March 3 from 5:30-7 pm)
    Would you like to be a compelling speaker and give presentations that people actually look forward to hearing? Would you like to reduce your speaker anxiety? Join SRJC Community Education Instructor Don Franceschi as he teaches you the steps you need to better prepare, practice and present in a more fun and effective manner. 

  • Symbolism in Native American Art (Tuesday, March 31st from 3-5 pm)
    The SRJC Jesse Peter Multicultural Museum houses collections of ethnographic art from all over the world. Join Theresa Molino, Museum Director, as she shares several artifacts from the Museum’s collection to illustrate specific symbols meaningful to individual Native American cultures in North America. Theresa will identify the three metaphoric levels of existence woven into Navajo ceremonial baskets, the cultural values that are beaded into the designs of Cheyenne moccasins, and how Pomo Native basketry served as a negotiation with the spirit world.

  • Facts, Opinions, and the Quest for Truth (Thursday, April 30th from 2-3:30 pm)
    What is the distinction between 'facts' and 'opinions'? Join Sarah Lesson and Alexa Forrester, SRJC philosophy instructors, as they test our own understanding of this distinction, illustrate its flaws as a conceptual tool, and explore different frameworks that can better equip us to pursue truth in an information landscape increasingly beset with lies, propaganda, and other varieties of nonsense.

Features of the SRJC Alumni Center

  • One Private and one semi-private office space
  • Conference room for up to 15 individuals with audio-visual capability
  • Comfortable lounge and reading room
  • Home of the Office of Alumni Relations

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