Alumni Mentoring Program

"What major should I pursue? What does a career path in biology look like? Is a marketing job right for me? How important is graduate school to my career success?"

Today's SRJC students could use someone to talk to about these questions and so many more. We hope that someone can be you!

Through the SRJC Mentoring Program, you have an opportunity to provide career advice on topics ranging from networking, job searching, interviewing, balancing life obligations and other life-skills knowledge to SRJC students in every academic area. The program also gives SRJC alumni a way to keep in touch with the College and to share their experiences with the next generation.


How do I sign up?

SRJC's Mentoring Program utilizes the Career Center's job board through JobSpeaker. If you are a first time user, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to

2. Select ‘Sign In’ – ALUMNI (even if you do not consider yourself an SRJC alum)

3. Complete the required fields.
For graduation month and year, please put your SRJC graduation date (as best as you can remember it). If you did not formally complete a degree at SRJC, please list the graduation month and year for your most recent degree. 

4. Finish setting up your online profile.
Although the profile language is about job searching as a job seeker, this profile is also used for the mentor module. For Desired Job, please write your current job title. You must include your current city and state and then can skip the rest of the fields if you choose.

5. Click on your name in the upper right corner.

6. When the Dashboard appears, click on Mentor Center on the left side menu.

7. When the Mentor Center appears, click on the red ‘Become a Mentor’ in the upper right corner.

Helpful hints for completing the General Mentor Profile.

1. Choose the profile to be the basis for your Mentor Profile (you likely will only have one).

2. Complete the required fields with as much detailed information as you can. Students can search on any keyword, including job titles, industry, organization name, etc. 

3. Select ‘Yes, it is ok for students to initiative mentorship request’. If you do not select this box, then the students mentorship request will come to the Alumni Relations Office and we will initiate an email to you informing you of the mentorship request. 

4. Add all the Mentorship Areas, Topics and Activities you would like to help support students on.

5. You do not need to select Job Types if you would not like to offer jobs at your organization. Select save and get ready to help!

6. You'll receive an email when a student has contacted you. You can log back into JobSpeaker and under My Mentorships, you’ll see any new students who have requested to connect with you and you can choose to respond back with your email or phone number to continue the conversation.

What does a mentor provide?

There are different ways SRJC alumni mentors can contribute to the success of our students and alumni:

  • Provide one-on-one career mentoring and advice in-person, over the phone, or over email.
  • Conduct practice interviews in-person, over the phone, or through video.
  • Prepare job seekers as they enter job fairs.
  • Speak in classrooms or at career forums to share your career path and advice.
  • Host a job shadow or company visit at your place of work.
  • Welcome or offer insights into your degree with prospective students.

Volunteer Expectations

As an SRJC alumni mentor, you are expected to abide by our code of conduct:

  • Accept mentoring requests in the online system within one week.
  • Exercise patience with students and alumni at different stages in their academic or professional development.
  • Communicate honestly, but respectfully with students, alumni and staff.
  • Know your limitations and refer to College resources when asked about areas outside of your expertise.
  • Address mistakes made by mentees and find teachable moments.
  • Use the service only for professional mentoring interactions with mentees and fellow mentors. No solicitation for products, services, or events not related to career mentoring is allowed.
  • Maintain a current mentor profile and email address.
  • Represent SRJC with integrity.

SRJC reserves the right to terminate a mentor or mentee due to misconduct or misuse of the program. If you have questions about the SRJC Mentoring Program, please contact us at or 707-527-4348.