We're the SRJC Foundation

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Advancing Educational Opportunities

The SRJC Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, focuses on the critically important task of raising funds to support students and educational programs at Santa Rosa Junior College. The SRJC Foundation strengthens the work of the College through its advocacy, fundraising, investment management and stewardship of funds. The Foundation helps SRJC offer life long learners an opportunity to continue to grow, students access to a high quality college education, as well as meet the workforce needs of California and the nation through top career skills training. 

Contact Us

To contact us, please call 707-527-4348 or email foundation@santarosa.edu

Board of Directors

Up to a 25-member Board of Directors governs the SRJC Foundation. Its membership includes professional, business and philanthropic leaders with a dedicated interest in the well-being of the College. 

Foundation Staff

SRJC Foundation staff serve as the primary contact for donors, supporters, alumni and community members interested in engaging with SRJC.  

Foundation Committees

Special focus committees fundraise and steward donors to focus on particular areas of need within the college.